Current Paper

November 2008

Why I think TF Torrance is not a Barthian by Dr Ben Myers.

Previous Papers

October 2008

Why I think we need to recapture aesthetics by Joel Atwood. To be posted shortly.

September 2008

Why I think most debates on the Lord’s Table miss the point or An Immodest Proposal for the Practice of the Lord’s Table: Toward a Neo-Anabaptist Recovery of the Ancient Christian Meal for the ‘People of the Way’ in a Postmodern, Australian Context: A Theological Primer by Ian Packer

For a copy of Ian’s paper please email Theology and Praxis.

August 2008

Why I Think.. Missional theology is the future of theology

The first paper in our Why I Think.. series by David W Congdon.

July 2008 – No paper delivered. Breakfast, new cafe venue and discussion about the upcoming Why I Think.. series.

June 2008
The Atonement and the Holy Trinity

John Alchin delivered a paper on “The Atonement and the Holy Trinity”, inspired by chapter five of T.F Torrance’s The Mediation of Christ.

May 2008 – we listened and discussed T F Torrance’s lecture “The Incarnate Saviour”.

March 2008 & April 2008 – Theology & Praxis did not meet.

February 2008
The Mediation of Reconciliation

Michael Pailthorpe presented a paper based on Chapter 2, “The Mediation of Reconciliation” in Thomas F Torrance’s, The Mediation of Christ.

January 2008
T.F Torrance and the Mediation of Revelation

A review of Chapter 1, “The Mediation of Revelation” in Thomas F Torrance’s The Mediation of Christ by Rev Dr Alan Harley.

December 2007
A presentation by Michael Pailthorpe from an essay by Kevin Vanhoozer on Karl Barth’s approach to Scripture in Kevin J. Vanhoozer, “A Person of the Book? Barth on Biblical Authority and Interpretation” in Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology – Convergences and Divergences, edited by Sung Wook Chung, (Baker, 2006).



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