Hello to all those interested in reading theology and discussing its implication for ministry,

Once a month, we gather to discuss contemporary/influential theology or theologians and their impact or value for pastoral ministry and practise. The aim is that through meeting together and dialogue that this fosters and enhances our own ministries and gives us a broader understanding. The basic format to guide the meeting is that a paper is presented that summarises or presents a particular theologian or theological niche which leads into a discussion of the associated benefits or the concerns. At the moment, we are working through a book by Thomas Forsyth Torrance (recently deceased) called The Mediation of Christ. The book is seemingly influential and has implications for the presentation of the gospel, our understanding of atonement and incarnation, Israel, Trinity and, of course, pastoral ministry. We are working through it chapter by chapter and will be finished either in May or June.

I would like to invite you to consider presenting a paper. The paper maybe something you would like to introduce and discuss. Maybe something you are working on through your studies or a current focus or hobby horse. The title of your paper needs to begin with WHY I THINK… for example Why I think Karl Barth is a better theologian than Carl Henry or Why I think Karl Barth is the anti-Christ. The papers, therefore, are to be an informed presentation of your argument with the added focus being on the implications for ministry. The papers should be around 2500-3500 words in length (or 30-45mins) and presented at the meeting. Though, if you live out side of Sydney or overseas and cannot make a meeting we ask for you to provide a recording of your lecture to coincide with a printed copy of your paper. We will record our discussion and send you a copy. Your paper will then be posted on the blog.

If you are interested please reply by May 17th. The meetings are on Saturday mornings, usually the third Saturday of the month from 10am to lunch. The proposed dates for future meetings are:

July 19th

August 16th

September 20th

October 18th

November 15th

December (TBA)

Please send your response and paper title by to theologyandpraxis@yahoo.com.au

Grace and Peace,

Michael Pailthorpe