T. F. Torrance and The Mediation of Revelation

January 19, 2008

A review of Chapter 1, “The Mediation of Revelation” in Thomas F Torrance’s The Mediation of Christ by Rev Dr Alan Harley.

One Response to “T. F. Torrance and The Mediation of Revelation”

  1. lchatwin said

    Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to commend Alan for an excellent opening to “The Mediation of Christ.”

    I am new to Torrance’s work. His style is quite wordy and reasonably dense so it took me a little to get used to and track the flow of his arguments.

    I support the thrust of Alan’s paper and these comments come from my own notes and are some thoughts to help launch some dialogue between members of this site.

    Torrance seeks to ground the issue of mediation in “God’s anguished struggle with Israel” which he then traces through to the incarnation. Initially I was skeptical of the use of Israel but as I followed through it seemed that Torrance was bringing both a deeper humanity to Christ and a greater clarity of the Jesus’ Jewish roots.

    Torrance spoke of the way in which the Church has “steadily gentilised (the) image of Jesus”. This wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the paper but I think it is worth thinking through. In the 21st Century western Church we can tend towards a Jesus in our own image even if this is subtle. In songs and sermons I see a Jesus who is like us but somehow distanced from his Jewish roots.

    Torrance links this need to understand Jesus connection to Israel as a means of understanding the Fourth Gospel.

    I have been challenged so far by Torrance’s work. I appreciate this group and the willingness to grapple with theology at a deeper level.

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