Many who attend our monthly reading and discussion group are acquainted with the works of T F Torrance. Therefore there are a number of us who were saddened to hear of his passing today. Eulogies celebrating the life and work of T F Torrance have been posted at the following sites.

Per Crucem Ad Lucem (Jason Goroncy) ––2007/

Andy Goodliff –

Faith & Theology (Ben Myers) –

Der Evangelische Theologe (W. Travis McMaken) –

A eulogy by George Hunsinger  guest-posted at

December 2007

Michael Pailthorpe gave a presentation for discussion on an essay by Kevin Vanhoozer on Karl Barth’s approach to Scripture in Kevin J. Vanhoozer, “A Person of the Book? Barth on Biblical Authority and Interpretation” in Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology – Convergences and Divergences, edited by Sung Wook Chung, (Baker, 2006).

Karl Barth’s view of the Bible [download paper here]